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The automotive shipping business can seem intimidating at first, but by doing a tiny bit of investigation you can make the most effective decision possible for shipping your automobile. Transporting a car, truck, motorcycle, or any other type of vehicle is just a matter of finding the proper information and contacting the appropriate people, which is this case is an auto transportation company in Sierra Vista. Often times when you reach out to a transportation company you’ll be speaking with what’s called an auto transport broker, rather than the auto carrier themselves. They both offer you the same options, which is to facilitate the moving of your vehicle, but a broker merely arranges the transport while a carrier essentially supplies the transportation. The process is mostly the same regardless of where in America your trying to ship your car to. The main information you’ll need prior to shipping is your vehicle’s make, model and year. You should also plan ahead if you have a strict timeframe you need your vehicle shipped in or a certain date it must arrive by. One of the most significant distinctions to understand is the difference and similarities between an auto transport broker and a carrier.

Auto Brokers vs. Auto Carriers in Sierra Vista

Chances are if you’ve never utilized an auto transporter in Sierra Vista, then you might be unaware of the distinction between an auto shipping broker and carrier. Even though both choices will end with the same result of getting your car relocated from one place to another, it’s always good to realize the process before selecting a service.

Auto Brokers and Their Role in the Auto Transport Industry

A person or group acting as an auto transport broker won’t own the fleet of trucks used for shipping. A broker acts as an intermediary who will find the very best auto carrier depending on routes, your location and the type of service you require. Brokers already have an established network of shippers who have routes that run all over the country, which will offer the customer more possibilities and a far better chance to find the ideal one for them. Dealing with a single carrier means they may not run the route you require, possess the necessary equipment or the suitable licensing to transport through the states required to get your vehicle where it needs to go. Essentially, a broker does the leg work of finding a carrier that meets these set of guidelines and can sometimes get a more competitive price by creating competition between carriers on behalf of the shipper.

Deciding on a Qualified Car Carrier

When you deal directly with an auto transport company that usually means you will be working with the actual person or business that will be moving your vehicle. An auto carrier owns the trucks or trailers that are used to ship autos all over the country. Every car carrier in Sierra Vista must be licensed and insured, but it’s a great idea to do some research just to make sure. These car carriers will serve a particular number of routes and locations in order to offer efficient service and remain successful. Finding a carrier by yourself that travels the route in which you need your motor vehicle transported may be difficult, as many carriers employ brokers who will connect them with the correct customers. You’ll end up having to pay about the same price whether you go with a carrier or broker, however, as charges are based mainly on fuel rates at the time. There ës a fair amount of competition between a variety of auto carriers, so occasionally you can find promotions or discounts they’re offering. Therefore, you can take advantage of the situation in order to get a great price.

Steps to Take Before Transporting Your Vehicle

Take any personal items out of your vehicle.

Auto shippers in Sierra Vista are not allowed by the Department of Transportation to transport anything that would be considered a “household good”. This consists of common things you may have in your car such as clothing, car seats or external GPS systems. It’s encouraged to clear away these items from your vehicle prior to pickup to reduce any delays.

Leave your gas tank a quarter of the ways full.

Before shipping your vehicle with a Sierra Vista car hauler you should make sure to leave at least a quarter of a tank of gas in your tank. The shipping process will require a small amount of driving, typically only in the loading and unloading process, so some gas will be necessary. However, you won’t want to leave more than a quarter of a tank or a full tank of gas in your vehicle because of the extra weight it adds.

Examine your vehicle for signs of damage before and after shipping.

Always carry out an in-depth evaluation of the condition of your car prior to shipping it via a Sierra Vista car hauler. An easy way to do this is by washing your car off and making sure there’s no dirt left on it so that way it’s easier to identify dents and dings. This will make certain you are conscious of any existing problems and can correctly determine if any new damage occurred during the shipping process. It’s best to record the condition of your car by just taking pictures of it on your cell phone as proof, just in case there are any difficulties during transporting it.

Fully understand your Bill of Lading.

You will receive what’s known as a Bill of Lading once your Sierra Vista car carrier arrives to retrieve your vehicle for transport. This Bill of Lading contains the details of your vehicle transport agreement and will confirm that it is being placed in the temporary care of the auto transport company. At this time, both the customer and driver of the auto carrier should do an inspection of the vehicle in order to document any existing damages. By doing this both the customer and driver are in agreement on the vehicle’s condition at the time of pickup. An additional Bill of Lading will be given to the client once the car arrives at its destination, which will verify the condition of the vehicle matches what it was when it was picked up. If any new damages occur, they can be dealt with at this time.

Understand your insurance coverage.

You really should check with your auto insurance company to find out if they supply any coverage for your vehicle in case it is damaged during the hauling process. Auto transport Sierra Vista companies should already have liability coverage built into their services, which typically covers anywhere from ,000 to 0,000 worth of damages. The cost of this insurance is built into the overall price of your vehicle transportation and is provided by an outside company that the car hauler does business with. This should be enough to cover anything that could happen to the standard vehicle, unless you’re transporting a high end or collector’s car.

How to Locate the Best Auto Hauler in Sierra Vista

It’s always a good idea to do a bit of research on any organization that you’re doing business with prior to making a commitment. There are loads of auto transporters in Sierra Vista to choose from, so how do you know which one is the best? First, you can obtain the company’s MC number or USDOT number. The auto carrier should always be licensed, bonded and insured. You can also look up their solutions on the Better Business Bureau’s website to find out what people are saying about them. Finally, review the terms and conditions of the auto transport services you’re receiving and it’s also a good idea to do a bit of research on the auto transport process in general. This way you’ll have a general knowledge about how auto transporting functions.

Knowing the Difference Between Enclosed Transport and Open Transport Solutions in Sierra Vista

An open auto transport carrier is open to the weather and elements, just as your motor vehicle would be if you were driving it down the highway yourself. If using an open carrier then you could expect direct exposure to the elements and weather conditions throughout the areas it’s moving through. An enclosed auto transport carrier is a great car shipping option you can use particularly if you will transport a classic or custom car. It is the reverse of an open car carrier shipping option. In an enclosed car carrier, the cars are housed in a covered truck. Since these carriers have an enclosure, they can typically carry a lower amount of vehicles than an open option.

Know Your Auto Transport Options in Sierra Vista

Prior to deciding on whether you employ an open trailer or enclosed trailer, first think about how much protection your vehicle really needs. If it is an antique or collector’s car, you’ll most likely want to err on the side of caution and utilize a fully-enclosed trailer to move your vehicle. However, if you’re simply transporting an average vehicle that you use every day for typical driving needs, then an open trailer would likely be a good fit for you. As always, try to get at least three or four quotes for car shipping services so you can be sure you’re being billed an satisfactory rate. Simply put a little time towards looking into the auto shipping process and the car carrier in Sierra Vista that you’re preparing to do business with, that way you know all your bases are covered.