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The vehicle shipping market can seem intimidating at first, but by doing a little bit of homework you can make the very best choice possible for hauling your car or truck. In order to transport a car, truck or motorcycle it’s actually just a matter of having the appropriate information and contacting the right San Luis auto transport service to take care of the job. Sometimes, you’ll end up contacting what’s called a broker rather than an actual auto carrier. They both offer you the same options, which is to facilitate the transportation of your vehicle, but a broker simply arranges the transport while a carrier essentially supplies the transportation. No matter where in the country you’re shipping your vehicle, the process is basically the same. You’ll want to ensure you have your vehicle’s info handy, such as the make, model and year, as well as the exact location you wish to ship it to. You should also plan ahead if you have a rigid timeframe you need your vehicle shipped in or a specific date it has to arrive by. One of the most significant distinctions to realize is the difference and commonalities between an auto transport broker and a carrier.

What is the Difference Between Auto Carriers and Brokers in San Luis?

First of all, every customer should know what it means to be an auto transport broker as opposed to a carrier. Prior to choosing between an auto broker and an auto transport company in San Luis it’s important to have a good understanding of the distinctions between the two, as well as how the industry works. The process is much easier than you might think, and we’ll provide all the details you need to make an informed decision.

Auto Brokers and Their Purpose in the Auto Transport Industry

In the car shipping market, a broker is a firm that resells your shipping job. When you get in touch with a broker, they will handle the process of finding a carrier for your car and getting it from one area to another. However, they will not actually perform the shipping themselves, as they don’t own the trucks that are used in the shipping process. After getting in contact with a broker, they will reach out to auto transporters in San Luis who have the capabilities to handle the customer’s shipping needs. After the job is passed on to the carrier, the broker will stay in contact with the client until the vehicle is delivered. The auto transport broker will act as a channel between the customer and carriers in order to discover the very best rates and most efficient service for them.

How to Find an Auto Transport Carrier in San Luis

An auto carrier typically employs a large double deck truck to move numerous vehicles at once, which you’ve likely seen on the highways at times. It is driven by a professional CDL driver trained in loading, unloading and hauling vehicles. Sometimes, the operater of the truck is also the owner of the rig, so they decide on their solutions and which routes to travel. The truck driver is the individual who is actually responsible for picking up and delivering your vehicle. Sometimes a carrier may also act as a broker, so if they are not able to transport your vehicle, then they will find a different driver who can do the work. This means that even when you think you are working with a carrier in some situations you go through a broker provider. Most of the time when customers deals specifically with a company, rather than an intermediary, they think they’ll be gaining a better price, but that’s not automatically true with San Luis auto transport. On the other hand, a broker already has established a network of carriers, so they can search multiple options to find the perfect choice for their customers.

Guidelines for Shipping Your Car

Take any personal items out of your car.

No auto shipper is allowed to transfer any object that would be categorized as “household goods”, as per Department of Transportation Code. So auto transport in San Luis cannot, move a vehicle that’s loaded up with personal items or other goods. Some examples of household goods that might be in your car are DVD players, GPS systems or car seats.

Only leave about a quarter of tank of gas in your car.

Before your vehicle gets loaded up with a San Luis auto hauler you should look at your gasoline level to make sure you have around a quarter tank of fuel. The shipping process will require a small amount of driving, usually only in the loading and unloading process, so some gas will be necessary. You don’t want to have a full tank of fuel either, however, as that can add extra weight to the trailer and complicate the process.

Take note of any existing damage on your car.

When using a San Luis car hauler you should always perform a swift examination of your vehicle’s condition before it gets loaded on the trailer. The most effective way to do this is by cleaning your car first, making sure there’s no dirt left on it, and then walking around it and make notes of any dents or dings. This will make certain you are aware of any existing problems and can correctly determine if any new damage happened during the transporting process. It’s best to record the condition of your car by simply taking pictures of it on your cell phone as proof, just in case there are any issues during transporting it.

What is a Bill of Lading?

The client will be given a Bill of Lading once your chosen auto carrier in San Luis comes to pick up your vehicle. This is merely a document that acknowledges the firm is picking up your vehicle for shipping and will also display any existing damages to your motor vehicle prior to picking it up. First, inspect your vehicle with the driver of the auto trailer so that you both are in agreement on its condition. After the inspection is complete, current damages will be documented and the Bill of Lading will be signed by both the customer and the driver. Once your vehicle is delivered, you’ll be presented with a Bill of Lading that you can use to check for any new damages to your vehicle that may have occurred during the shipping process.

Verify your insurance coverage.

Each time you do business with a San Luis auto hauler you should check to make certain they have their own liability insurance. Generally, the auto transport service you’re using will already have insurance built into the cost of their services, so there won’t be any further costs involved. The average liability coverage ranges between ,000 and 0,000 in coverage, which would be sufficient for the vast majority of issues that could arise. These auto carriers typically have their coverage through a third-party and is already built into the rate you’re paying for shipping.

Finding the Best Auto Carrier in San Luis for Your Needs

It’s always a good idea to do a bit of research on any company that you’re doing business with prior to making a commitment. There are tons of auto transporters in San Luis to choose from, so how do you know which one is the best? The first thing you’ll want to do is obtain the company’s MC number or USDOT number. By getting these numbers you’ll be able to look up the auto hauler on the Better Business Bureau’s website to find out more information about them. Finally, review the terms and conditions of the auto transport services you’re receiving and it’s also a good idea to do a bit of research on the auto transport process in general. By doing a bit of research you’ll make sure you’re getting the best deal and service around.

Knowing the Difference Between Enclosed Transport and Open Transport Solutions in San Luis

The vehicles moved with open auto transport carriers are not safeguarded from weather elements like rain, sun, hail and snow, and from dust and even birds. If using an open carrier then you could expect exposure to the elements and weather conditions throughout the areas it’s moving through. An enclosed auto transport carrier is a great car shipping option you can use particularly if you will transport a classic or custom vehicle. It is the opposite of an open car carrier shipping option. In an enclosed car carrier, the cars are housed in a covered truck. Enclosed carriers often can only carry a few vehicles at the same. In many cases up to five motor vehicles.

You Can Get Excellent Auto Transport Deals in San Luis

In order to choose the right auto transport method for your vehicle, take into account how much security your vehicle will require. If it is an antique or collector’s car, you’ll probably want to err on the side of caution and use a fully-enclosed trailer to move your vehicle. On the other hand, if you have an average or older model vehicle, then an open-air trailer should suit your needs just fine. A good game plan is to get multiple quotes from car shipping carriers or brokers, that way you know you’re receiving the most equitable rates. By putting in a bit of time to research the San Luis auto transport company, the process being auto transporting and the rates included in your service you can guarantee you’re not only getting the very best deal, but also the best service.