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Auto transport companies exist for the sake of convenience. Instead of transferring their vehicles long distances on their own, people employ auto transporters to safely transfer their vehicles at an affordable price and in a secure environment. However, if you’re not familiar with the auto carrier practice, then the task of selecting the correct hauler and options may seem challenging. In this article we’ll review the alternatives and facts that will help prepare you find the perfect auto transport carrier in Martin. Most car haulers will transport anywhere in America, from Alaska to Hawaii, and provide a variety of carrier choices. Often times you’ll have the choice of whether to ship your car in an enclosed or open manner. But first, we’ll discuss the difference between an auto transport broker and an actual carrier who moves the vehicles.

Martin Auto Brokers and Their Role in Auto Transport

When in search of car transport and car shipping companies in Martin, there are basically two different options you can choose to book with: a broker, and a carrier. In short, an auto shipping broker reaches out to car haulers who will actually perform the moving of your vehicle. The broker will find the best trucking service for you depending on where you are and where your automobile needs to go. A carrier, on the other hand, actually owns their trucks and they send one of their trucks to pick up your vehicle.

Auto Brokers and Their Purpose in the Auto Transport Industry

An automotive transport broker is simply the professional employed by you, the shipper, who assists in the process of acquiring an auto transport company in Martin. In this case, the customer will not deal directly with the auto carrier, but instead will be setup with the carrier who best fits the customer’s position. The auto transport broker acts as a liaison between the shipper and carrier, which means they can shop around to find the most reliable shipping solution for their customers. They’ll find an automobile carrier who journeys the route and is within reasonable mileage to your location, so it can end up making the entire shipping process quicker. The broker will be in contact with you, the consumer, throughout the entire shipping process until your vehicle is delivered at its final location.

Locating the Best Auto Hauler

When you deal directly with an auto transport company that usually means you will be working with the actual person or business that will be moving your motor vehicle. An auto carrier owns the trucks or trailers that are used to ship motor vehicles all over the country. Virtually all auto transport carriers in Martin have to be licensed and insured, but a consumer should still do their homework to verify this. These car carriers will serve a certain number of routes and locations in order to provide reliable service and remain profitable. Many carriers actually rely on auto shipping brokers to connect them with the ideal customers who will fit the routes they take, which means more efficient service. You’ll end up paying about the same rate whether you go with a carrier or broker, however, as expenses are based largely on fuel rates at the time. There is competition among auto carriers today and the majority of auto carriers offer a number of promotions and discounts to their clients. Therefore, you can take advantage of the situation in order to get a good deal.

Guidelines for Shipping Your Car

Take any personal items out of your vehicle.

Auto carriers are banned from moving anything considered a household good, which is a law mandated by the Department of Transportation. So auto transport in Martin is unable to carry a vehicle that’s loaded up with personal property or other goods. Some examples of household goods that might be in your car or truck are DVD players, GPS systems or car seats.

Don’t ship your car with a full gas tank.

When employing a Martin auto transport company you should keep an eye on your gas gauge prior to the time of shipping. Just to be safe, make sure your gas level isn’t too low and leave only about a quarter of a tank in your automobile. Your car may be driven briefly just to load it onto and off of the vehicle trailer and you don’t want to keep your gas level too low. On the other hand, you don’t want to fill your gas tank an excessive amount either. A full tank will add significant weight to your vehicle and could throw off the equilibrium of the transport and result in complications.

Before shipping your car, examine it for damages.

It’s a good plan to wash your car prior to shipping and make sure there is no dust or mud stuck on it. You’ll want to do a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s body before shipping to make sure you’re aware of any existing damages. Merely taking photos or a video of the condition of your car prior to shipping can help avoid any misunderstandings at the time of its delivery.

Learning about your Bill of Lading.

As soon as your Martin auto transporter arrives to pick up your car, both you and the driver will do an evaluation to determine the condition of your vehicle. This inspection will document any existing damages on your vehicle, which usually includes scratches, dents and dings. Once that process is complete, the customer will be given a Bill of Lading. This document simply acknowledges that the auto carrier is taking temporary possession of your vehicle. It also confirms the condition of your vehicle, so both the customer and auto transporter can agree on any existing damage. When the car arrives at its intended location, the customer will be presented with another Bill of Lading. This new bill will outline if any new damages have taken place during the shipping process. So this process essentially safeguards both the customer and the auto carrier so that there will be no misunderstandings upon delivery.

Verify your insurance coverage.

Although the Martin auto hauler should have liability insurance built into their service, it’s a good idea to check with your own insurance company as well to see if they would include any damage that occurs as a result of moving your vehicle. Your selected auto transport service should already have liability insurance built into their services and their rates. The average liability coverage ranges between ,000 and 0,000 in coverage, which would be adequate for the vast majority of issues that could come up. These auto carriers typically have their coverage through a third-party and is already built into the price you’re paying for shipping.

Ensure You Choose the Perfect Car Shipping Provider in Martin

To make certain you’re acquiring the best car shipping provider in Martin there are a few details you should acquire regarding your auto transport company. Every certified auto hauler should be licensed, bonded and insured. Another way to check their service record is by obtaining their MC number or USDOT and doing a lookup with the Better Business Bureau. Also, take the time to review the terms and conditions so that you’re acquainted with how the service works. Finally, you can check out third-party reviews online and find out what past clients are stating about the auto haulers services.

Difference Between Martin Auto Transports and Enclosed Auto Carriers

Generally, shipping a vehicle via open transport will save you the most money. There are more carriers of this type than an enclosed version, and you’ve probably seen them numerous times on the highway. The abundance of these carriers and their popularity helps contribute to the cheap price tag. In general, this will be the most affordable method of transporting your vehicle. An auto carrier that is going from your area and traveling through to your destination will take that vehicle and add it to a group of up to 10 others heading in that same direction. This reduces the cost of shipping as it is divided by the all the vehicles onboard.

Researching Auto Transport Companies in Martin

Before making a decision on whether you employ an open trailer or enclosed trailer, first think about how much safety your car really needs. If it is an antique or collector’s car, you’ll likely want to err on the side of caution and use a fully-enclosed trailer to move your vehicle. However, if you’re simply transporting an average vehicle that you use every day for standard driving needs, then an open trailer would probably be a good fit for you. A good game plan is to get numerous quotes from car shipping carriers or brokers, that way you know you’re getting the most fair rates. Simply put a little time towards investigating the auto shipping process and the car carrier in Martin that you’re considering to do business with, that way you know all your bases are covered.