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The auto shipping industry can seem overwhelming at first, but by doing a tiny bit of investigation you can make the very best choice possible for hauling your vehicle. In order to transport a car, truck or motorcycle it’s actually just a matter of having the appropriate information and phoning the right Brandt auto transport service to deal with the job. Quite often when you reach out to a transport company you’ll be speaking with what’s called an auto transport broker, rather then the transporter themselves. They both provide the same options, which is to facilitate the moving of your vehicle, but a broker merely arranges the transport while a carrier essentially supplies the transportation. No matter where in the country you’re shipping your vehicle, the process is essentially the same. The main details you’ll need prior to shipping is your vehicle’s make, model and year. You should also plan ahead if you have a rigid timeframe you need your vehicle shipped in or a certain date it has to arrive by. Initially, as a client you should know the difference between an auto carrier broker and the actual shipping organization that is the owner of the trucks.

Brandt Auto Brokers and Their Role in Auto Transport

First, every customer should understand what it means to be an auto transport broker as opposed to a carrier. Before getting into the process of choosing an auto transport service in Brandt you should first know the difference between an auto shipping broker and a carrier. The procedure is much simpler than you may think, and we’ll provide all the details you need to make an educated decision.

What Is An Auto Transport Broker?

An auto shipping broker is a provider that will connect customers to the most reliable auto shipper for their needs. For instance, when you contact a broker, you will be paying them the total cost for transporting your vehicle from point A to point B. It’s significant to note, the broker doesn’t actually own the trucks, but rather they have set up a network of carriers to hook up customers with. They will contact a variety of Brandt auto shippers and use one of those auto transport services to ship your car or other vehicle. Even though the broker doesn’t own the trucks, they will keep in contact with the client all through the shipping process. The auto transport broker will act as a channel between the customer and carriers in order to find the best rates and most efficient service for them.

Finding a Car Carrier in Brandt

An auto transport carrier is the business that owns the trucks and utilizes the movers that do the labor of transporting a motor vehicle. One advantage of using a carrier is that you are working directly with the company who will be hauling your vehicle, essentially eliminating the middle man. The consumer will be responsible for choosing a company that handles auto transport in Brandt, either a single one or several if you are shopping around for the very best price. A broker will not be required in this case, but you may find your choices limited. It’s significant to keep in mind that some carriers may not be able to transport a motor vehicle since licensing and legal requirements differ from state to state. A carrier can be a one-man company with one or two trucks, or a big auto transport company with numerous trucks.

Preparing Your Vehicle to be Shipped

Take any personal items out of your car.

Auto carriers are forbidden from moving anything regarded as a household good, which is a law mandated by the Department of Transportation. This means auto transport in Brandt will not be allowed to ship vehicles with your personal items inside of them. Some examples of household goods that might be in your vehicle are DVD players, GPS systems or car seats.

Leave your gas tank a quarter of the ways full.

When utilizing a Brandt auto transport company you should keep an eye on your gas gauge prior to the time of shipping. Just to be safe, make sure your gas level isn’t too low and leave only about a quarter of a tank in your automobile. The automobile will need to be driven briefly so that it can be loaded on and off the auto shipping truck. However, you don’t want to fill your gas tank an excessive amount either. A full tank will add substantial weight to your vehicle and could throw off the balance of the transport and result in problems.

Examine your vehicle for signs of damage before and after shipping.

In order to better determine any scratches or blemishes on your vehicle it’s a good idea to rinse it before inspecting the body. You’ll want to do a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s body before shipping to make sure you’re aware of any existing damages. Merely taking photos or a video of the condition of your motor vehicle prior to shipping can help avoid any confusion at the time of its delivery.

What is a Bill of Lading?

The customer will be offered what’s called a “Bill of Lading” once your Brandt auto transport gets there to pick up your car. This contract is an acknowledgment form that attests the auto carrier is picking up your car for transport. It will also outline any current damage on your vehicle including dents, scratches or dings. The car owner and consumer can do an inspection together so that they agree on the car’s current condition. This way, both parties identify existing damage and can compare that report to a subsequent inspection after the vehicle is delivered to its final destination. When your current motor vehicle shows up at its new location, the customer will be presented with another Bill of Lading verifying the delivery and turning over the car back to the owner.

Understand your insurance coverage.

Each time you do business with a Brandt auto hauler you should check to make certain they have their own liability insurance. Your chosen auto transport service should already have liability insurance built into their services and their rates. The typical liability coverage ranges between ,000 and 0,000 in coverage, which would be sufficient for the vast majority of issues that could occur. These auto carriers typically have their coverage through a third-party and is already built into the rate you’re paying for shipping.

Make Sure You Choose the Correct Car Shipping Supplier in Brandt

In order to make certain you’re receiving the best service from your Brandt car carrier you can always do a bit of research on their history first. You should only use an auto transport service that is licensed, bonded and insured. The client can also use the auto transporter’s MC number or USDOT number. These numbers can then be used to look up the company’s record with the Better Business Bureau. It’s also a great idea to quickly evaluate the terms and conditions of the service arrangement so that you have a general idea of what in entails. A little bit of investigation as to overall auto transport process goes a long way as well.

Brandt Transport Options: Open vs. Enclosed Trucks

Shipping your vehicle by utilizing an open carrier solution is often the most affordable and common. There are more carriers of this type than an enclosed version, and you’ve probably seen them numerous times on the highway. These auto carriers are around in abundance, so it helps keep down the price involved in shipping. So, in general, this is the most affordable way to ship a car. Auto carriers travel constant routes and will transport up to 10 other vehicles along with yours to maintain performance. This lowers the cost of shipping as it is divided by the all the vehicles onboard.

Researching Auto Transport Companies in Brandt

It’s a good practice to consider what type of protection your vehicle will require while being shipped across the country. Using an open transport is suitable, and almost always more affordable, if you’re shipping a standard vehicle that would normally be exposed to the outdoors on a regular basis anyways. Antique, classic cars and collector’s motor vehicles that are specifically kept in safeguarded conditions would benefit the most from an enclosed shipping option. As a customer, it’s a good idea to get several quotes from Brandt auto transporters. However, the lowest price it not necessarily the best choice for every circumstance. By performing some study on the auto transport industry and the companies you’re planning on dealing with, you can make sure you’re getting the very best deal. That way, you’re making sure your vehicle is shipped safely and makes it to its destination with ease.