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The car shipping market can seem daunting at first, but by doing a little bit of research you can make the most effective decision possible for transporting your car or truck. Transporting a car, truck, motorcycle, or any other type of vehicle is just a matter of finding the right information and contacting the perfect people, which is this case is an auto transportation company in Wells. Sometimes, you’ll end up getting in contact with what’s called a broker rather than an actual auto carrier. They both offer you the same solutions, which is to facilitate the moving of your vehicle, but a broker merely arranges the transport while a carrier actually supplies the transportation. No matter where in the country you’re transporting your automobile, the process is essentially the same. You’ll want to make certain you have your vehicle’s info handy, such as the make, model and year, as well as the exact location you wish to ship it to. You should also plan ahead if you have a rigid timeframe you need your vehicle shipped in or a certain date it has to arrive by. One of the most important distinctions to realize is the difference and similarities between an auto transport broker and a carrier.

What is an Auto Broker in Wells?

You’ll basically have two choices when looking for an auto carrier in Wells. The main difference is that a broker does not own their trucks that will be used to transport your vehicle from one point to another. A broker will find trucking companies in your area to pick up and deliver your vehicle. A carrier, on the other hand, actually owns their trucks and they send one of their trucks to pick-up your vehicle.

How do Auto Transport Brokers Work?

In the car shipping community, a broker is a firm that resells your shipping job. For instance, when you call a broker, you will be paying them the total cost for transporting your vehicle from point A to point B. It’s important to note, the broker does not actually own the trucks, but rather they have set up a network of carriers to hook up customers with. They will contact a variety of Wells auto shippers and use one of those auto transport services to ship your car or other vehicle. After the job is passed on to the carrier, the broker will stay in contact with the client until the vehicle is delivered. Essentially, an auto transport broker acts as an intermediary between the customer and the auto transporters that can contact many companies in order to find the best service for the shipper.

Finding a Car Carrier in Wells

When you choose to seek out a Wells auto carrier you’ll be dealing with the company who actually owns the truck used for transporting vehicles. However, most carriers only serve a limited number of routes so that their services are cost effective. Typically, they don’t stray too far from these routes because of added fuel costs and the travel time frame it would take, which would slow down other deliveries. Dealing with a carrier company doesn’t mean customers will pay less. All services cost money, especially with auto shipping due to changing fuel prices, so there isn’t a whole lot of wiggle room in many cases. Dealing with an auto carrier directly might not change the price you pay over going with a broker, since the broker has an assortment of carriers that they can get in touch with for the best rates and routes. Auto carriers aren’t always easy to locate and contact, since a lot of times they count on brokers to connect them with clients.

Tips for Shipping Your Car

Secure your personal items outside your car.

Auto carriers are forbidden from relocating anything considered a household good, which is a law mandated by the Department of Transportation. This means auto transport in Wells will not be allowed to deliver vehicles with your personal goods inside of them. Some good examples of household goods that might be in your car or truck are DVD players, GPS systems or car seats.

Don’t ship your vehicle with a full gas tank.

You should always ensure that there is about a quarter tank of gas left in your vehicle when shipping. Your Wells auto carrier will probably have to drive the vehicle on and off the trailer during the shipping process, and since it will be at a steep angle it’s a good idea to keep at least a quarter tank of gas in it. However, you’ll want to be careful not to leave a full tank of gasoline in your car when shipping it. If your gasoline tank is full, it will end up placing a considerable amount of weight to your vehicle, which could cause problems.

Take pictures of any existing damages on your car.

In order to better determine any scratches or dings on your vehicle it’s a good idea to clean it before inspecting the body. This will allow you to plainly see if there are any dents, dings or scratches that are already existing on your vehicle’s body, which means you won’t mistakenly believe the damage took place during shipping. Just taking pictures or a video of the condition of your vehicle prior to shipping can help prevent any confusion at the time of its delivery.

Understanding your Bill of Lading.

The client will be given what’s called a “Bill of Lading” once your Wells auto transport arrives to retrieve your car. This document is an acknowledgment form that testifies the auto carrier is picking up your car for transport. It will also outline any existing damage on your vehicle including dents, scratches or dings. Both the car’s owner and the driver of the auto transport truck should do a walk-around of the car and agree on any damage that is already present. This way, both parties identify existing damage and can compare that report to a subsequent examination after the vehicle is delivered to its final destination. When your vehicle shows up at its new location, the customer will be presented with another Bill of Lading verifying the delivery and turning over the car back to the owner.

Understand your insurance coverage.

Inquire about your auto transport carrier’s insurance liability coverage prior to shipping, which each and every carrier should already have. Your chosen Wells car hauler should have insurance included in the cost of transporting your vehicle that addresses damages. The total insurance coverage typically ranges between ,000 and 0,000. Each auto hauler generally uses a third-party insurance company that handles the liabilities on their end. Also, you can check with your own insurance policy to see if it covers damages that can take place during the shipping process.

How to Find the Best Auto Hauler in Wells

To make sure you’re getting the best car shipping provider in Wells there are a few details you should acquire regarding your auto transport company. Every experienced auto hauler should be licensed, bonded and insured. You can also acquire their MC number or USDOT number to check their reports with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Also, take the time to review the terms and conditions so that you’re familiar with how the service works. It’s also a wise decision to read any third-party testimonials of the company to see what past customers are saying.

Difference Between Wells Auto Transports and Enclosed Auto Carriers

An open auto transport carrier is open to the weather and elements, just as your vehicle would be if you were driving it down the highway yourself. If you’re looking for this type of car carrier transport, you should be mindful that your vehicle will be exposed to all those elements. An closed auto transport carrier is a great car shipping option you can use particularly if you will transport a classic or custom vehicle. It is the opposite of an open car carrier shipping service. An enclosed carrier is just as it sounds, meaning your vehicle will transported in an enclosed environment and safe from the open air. Since these carriers have an enclosure, they can generally carry a lower amount of vehicles than an open alternative.

You Can Get Fantastic Auto Transport Deals in Wells

Always consider how much safety and security your vehicle or vehicles will need throughout the transport process. Using an open transport is suitable, and almost always more affordable, if you’re shipping a standard vehicle that would generally be exposed to the outdoors on a daily basis anyways. Antique, classic cars and collector’s vehicles that are specifically kept in safeguarded conditions would benefit the most from an enclosed shipping option. As a customer, it’s a good idea to get multiple quotes from Wells auto transporters. However, the lowest rate it not necessarily the ideal choice for every situation. By performing some research on the auto transport industry and the companies you’re planning on working with, you can make sure you’re getting the best deal. When you ultimately make your decision, you’ll be confident that your vehicle is being transported carefully and securely to its final destination.